Past Events


Interdisciplinary Training Network for Validation of Gram-Negative Antibacterial Targets

Contract ° 642620


Kick-off Meeting  -  January, 22-23 – Parma (Italy)

Thursday, 22nd    STARHOTEL  Du Parc

                              Viale Piacenza, 12/C

                              43126 Parma – Italy

                              Tel. +39 0521 292929

Business Session: Starhotel Du Parc – Meeting Room “Maria Luigia”

14.30-14.45         - Welcome and Introduction- Gabriele Costantino

14.45-15.00         - Round of introduction and presentation- all

15.00-15.30         - Recapitulation of Grant Agreement and Consortium Agreement- Gabriele Costantino, Paul Bromann

15-30-16.15         - Financial Provision and Budget Distribution

16.15-16.45         - Coffee Break (a coffee station with cookies and juices is always available in the room)

16.45-17.45         - Organization of April recruiting conference & recruiting – Gabriele Costantino, Antonio Felici

17.45-18.00         - Installation of the boards and committees – Paul Bromann, Gabriele Costantino

18.00-18.15         - Dissemination strategy: web site, logo- Paul Bromann

18.15-18.30         - Closing remarks - Gabriele Costantino


20.30                     - Dinner


14.30   Opening of the meeting

·         Welcome and Introduction

The coordinator introduces the kick-off meeting; every participant introduces himself to the audience.

·         Recapitulation of Grant Agreement and Consortium Agreement

 The coordinator reads and illustrates the Grant Agreement: the maximum global Grant amount is 2,793,330.72 €. Cambridge University and Aptuit have not signed the agreement yet. They are solicited to do it.

Paul Bromann illustrates the Consortium Agreement filled according to the DESCA guidelines with the corresponding template.

·         Financial Provisions and Budget Distribution

The coordinator illustrates the Financial Provisions  for each beneficiary end for each part involved in the consortium.

Aptuit asks if it is possible to have a copy of the contract between the host institution and the researcher.  

Reimbursements  are only due to beneficiaries and not partners. Beneficiaries are in charge for partners reimbursement.

·         Recruiting conference and recruiting process

It is agreed by the participants as follows:

The interviews for the recruitment will be held in Verona, at Aptuit venues. Lucio Da Ros, on behalf  of Antonio Felici, introduces Aptuit, that will host the recruitment.

A number of eleven researchers will be recruited.

The selection procedure will rely on a two-steps process: a preselection of the suitable candidates and the final selection.

For each vacancy two or three candidates will be interviewed; each beneficiary will interview the candidates based on his/her corresponding competence.

During the preselection interviews can be carried out also by Skype

Attending the Workshop is mandatory

To each participants a 350€ reimbursement will be paid.

Martin Welch proposes that the research expenses of the seconded  students are paid by the sending Institutions. The host institution will invoice the sending institution about the expenses. It is decided to write this in the consortium agreement.

The timeline for the selection will be as follows:

February the 1st: form opened (Paul Bromann)

By February the 9th: website ready and online (Paul Bromann).

March the 9th: application deadline.


March 9th – 19th: preselection

March 20th – 27th : selection of the final shortlist of candidates.

May 5th – 6th : Workshop and final interviews

May 5th :  9 a.m.-1p.m. workshop: plenary lecture and three or four keynote lectures

From 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. candidate interviews with two parallel sessions: Chemistry and Biology

It is agreed that each candidate will have 10+2 minutes for the discussion. It is recommended to strictly follow this timetable

May 6th: 9 a.m.-1 p.m. interviews: three parallel sessions

 Final Decision for the Recruited Researchers. It is agreed that in the case a candidate renounce to the job, the following candidate will be chosen.

Twitter and Linkedin will be used for internal advertisement.

·         Installation of the boards and committee and logo.

It is agreed that an equal opportunity committee and a Scientific Advisory Board will be established, composed from three to five international members, to whom a reimbursement, but not a wage, will be paid. In the next 15 days a preliminary draft of names will be prepared.

Paivi Tammela is appointed as Director of training.

It is agreed that the contract with the personnel is not negotiable but it will be a standard contract and Paul Bromann will send a copy of the template. 

The coordinator will deliver a draft of 3-4 possible logos that will be selected by the participants.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska Curie grant agreement No  642620
European Union